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Magnetic level gauge

Magnetic Level Indicators are in different models,  sizes and materials. Each level indicator has his made own application. It is very important that we receive the right process specification to select the right indicator.  We can supply in Plastic, Titanium. Temperature from -100°C up to 450°C and pressure from vacuum  till 200 barg

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Operating principle

Magnetic level gauges work on the principle of communicating vessels, therefore the level in the measuring chamber will be the same as the level in the vessel. The measuring chamber is fitted with a float, which has a magnet inside. The float with magnet will float on the medium and the magnet in the float will turn the flaps of the indicating rail.

The float in the measuring tube is standard not pressurized and has no magnetic or mechanical guidance. This construction makes the float less dangerous than a float which is standard pressurized. When necessary Hadro can produce a pressurized float.

With the below mentioned process conditions it is possible to select a float which will float on the medium. 

  • Medium
  • Density
  • Working Pressure
  • Temperature

Each flap in the indicating rail is fitted with a permanent magnet which makes this level gauge unaffected by shocks, vibrations and high temperatures. Also moisture and / or an aggressive environment are no problem for this level gauge.

This magnetic level gauge is available with plastic or stainless steel flaps. The flaps can be placed in a plastic, aluminium or stainless steel housing.

Because of the construction of the flaps, one side white and on the other red / orange it is possible to see the level over a greater distance or in darker places.


With the available “Pointers” it is possible to set the visual limits on the indicating rail on every level you require.

When the magnetic level gauge is fitted with magnetic switches it is possible to get a signal. With more switches you can make a pump control (pump on / off) and / or create a high / low alarm.

Beside or instead of level switches a reedchain transmitter can be mounted, this reedchain has an output signal of 4-20 mA 

Magnetic level gauge are also suitable for interface reading. The float will sink into the medium with the lower density and will float on the medium with the higher density.

The level gauges are PED aproved and availeble with LRS, GL and BV certificate.