What does Hadro Techniek?

You are looking for a suitable measuring principle for your application? In that case you are on the right address. Hadro Techniek is your best partner in providing the best quality and value engineered solutions for your unique measurements applications.   /  Read more

Other products


Magnetic level indicators for your high pressure boiler or level gauges in Titanium or plastic for aggressive media with or whiteout switches? We produce exactly what you needed.  Hadro techniek is your partner for the right solution.


We produce a varienty of float switches with threated connection (G1" or larger), with a flange connection (DIN & ANSI) with an analog output or with a temperature sensor.  
    The "Poly Shot" detects a fluid through the wall without making any contact with the liquid. This works up to 25mm on glass and plastic, transparent or opaque.  

Contact with Hadro Techniek

For any questions or RFQ please contact us by e-mail info@hadro.nl or for urgent matters contact our salesteam at +31 182 52 71 90